Thursday, January 13, 2011

Facebook Friday Funny

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Let's start off this week's Friday Funny by launching into song. Here's a nice little folky song about FB that's already had over 7.6 million views.

Facebook is good fun, but it's not perfect. It certainly doesn't meet everyone's needs.

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Here are some interesting comments about Facebook by a lady who seems to have a very similar video style to Ray William Johnson. (Which is of course a good thing).

There seems to be a lot of problems associated with some people becoming quite addicted to Facebook. Their most common passtime becomes poking around "Facebooking".

Here is a quick self-diagnosis guide that we actually found on Facebook.

You Know You're a Facebook Addict When....
  • You hear someone say something funny and say "Thats going in my quotes".
  • You have a ton of homework, and can't stay off facebook anyways.
  • You start saying lol and btw and o-emmm-geee, even when you are just talking.
  • You take a picture and wonder what all your facebook friends will think of it.
  • You find yourself changing your Facebook status dozens of times a day.
  • You have have the app on yopur phone to get live updates but still feel the need to always have it open on your laptop.
  • You check facebook in the morning, during school when you can, after school, and at midnight when you still have to do a research paper that is due tomorrow.
  • When the first thing you do with your new boyfriend/girlfriend is change your facebook relationship status.

Here is a very helpful video all about "Relationships" and Facebook.

One difficult type of relationship on FB, is one with your parents.
Mothers on FB can sometimes be a real problem.

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Here's a video about a hypothetical situation where Facebook is actually "real".
(But it is real isn't it?)

Yes indeed Facebook is very real, as per this next video of Facebook in the real world.

FB can be so real and confusing to some people, that becoming a fan can mean just that.

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Signs You are Addicted to Facebook
  • Stopping before you leave the house to inform everyone that you are about to leave the house.
  • You are spending more time changing your status update than actually doing anything worth commenting on.
  • You are changing your profile picture every time you change your clothes to keep it recent.
  • You start using Facebook as a verb. As in "I'm going to "Facebook" so and so or I was "Facebooking" last night.
  • You leave a party early because you can't wait to get all of the pictures you just took up onto the computer and tagged.
  • You plan all of your social activities on Facebook instead of using the phone.
  • You get jealous of other peoples plans and feel left out even though you don't personally know them.
  • You are unsure whether you are actually "in" a relationship until the other person makes it Facebook official in the Relationship Status section.
  • You feel you might need therapy because someone you barely knew 20 years ago won't accept you as a friend.
  • You get mortally offended if no one responds to the clever quote it took you 20 minutes to come up with.
  • You purposely try to recruit people you do not even know to up your "friends count".
  • You pretend that you are doing some really exciting things so others will find you interesting enough to want to be your friend too.
  • You engage in a "war of wills" not wanting to be the one to actually invite someone to be your friend and wondering how long it will take for them to ask you.
  • You invite someone you can't stand to be your friend.
  • You have to pretend you don't know someone when meeting them for the first time, yet you know their deepest, darkest secrets thanks to a mutual friends' pages.
  • You only check your email to see if you have an update on Facebook.
  • You get insane if your friend number drops and you go crazy trying to figure out who deleted you.
  • Your Facebook wall looks like it is covered with graffiti because you have so many applications on it.
  • Your usual bedtime is now two hours later than it has been in years.
  • As soon as you meet someone the first thing you do is go home and "Facebook" them.
  • You visit sites and articles that list the reasons you are addicted to Facebook.

If this is how you look in the mirror right now, then you are definitely a Facebook addict!

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This last video caught our eye here at Passy World, as a very well made Adobe Flash animation.

If the whole FB thing gets too much, then remedy this by strict adherance to the stern advice given in the Facebook Anthem:

Sorry but I gotta go now and do an urgent Status Update: "Passy has blogged another Friday Funny!".

Big Passy Wasabi

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