Friday, April 13, 2012

Playing Counter-Strike Online

Counter-Strike 1.6 continues to dominate in the world of multiplayer first-person shooters. This free addon for Half-Life has more players than all other top FPS games together. Here are some tips for playing Counter-Strike online:

1) Shoot In Burst Fire
Counter-Strike tries copy the reality so the longer you hold down the trigger the less accurate your rounds become. So after you shot few times you will likely just be blasting ammunition into heaven, far away from your enemies. For accurate hits you should fire in short bursts of only two or three rounds, giving you a chance steady up for the next shot.

2) Watch Reloads
Reloading is important. While you're reloading, you can't use your weapon so you should watch your ammo and plan the best time for reloading your gun!

3) Your Pistol Is A Gun Too
In Counter-Strike when you're out of ammo, it's faster to switch your weapon to pistol and shoot down your enemy with it then to wait for reloading your primary gun. Sometimes a good Counter-Strike player will finish the enemy off with his pistol or even his knife rather than wait for a reload.

4) Customize Keys
You can configure some scripts under your favorite keys to make some acts faster then normal. Fast weapon changes and other things. You can find thousands of config files ready to use, it's just about your preferences.

5) Jumping Is Important
When you appear in an open area or you know about snipers waiting for you, it's important to move around unpredictably. Jumping (not too regularly), can force your enemy to miss you or to shoot you in a part of body with less damaging then your head.

6) Use Grenades
Grenades are another chapter in Counter-Strike. You can have only limited amount of grenades to it's imporant to use it carefully. A common approach is to soften the enemy up with a few grenades before going in for the final assault. Flashbang grenades, has function to temporarily blind those caught in the blast radius. Of course, a grenade can also come in handy if you need to buy some time to make a quick retreat, or create a distraction.

Advice: Aim before you shoot! Why not take it a step higher, don’t just aim, AIM for head-shots. As you’re playing Counter Strike, make it a game to never miss a head-shot. That means you come to a near dead stop, aim for your enemies head, and click with near 100% certainty that you will not miss. If you’re using an automatic weapon, 1 short burst is all you should need to get the job done.

Play Assassin

Play Assassin Creed game online: positive and negative review on Assassin Creed

play assassin creed action game online

To play Assassin Creed game online gives such interesting experience. Like any other game online, Assassin Creed will also bring you positive experience as well as negative one.

play assassin creed fighting game online

Some positive review on Assassin Creed can be summarized as huge game experience, the Assassin Creed game online gives you gorgeous world for you space and gives you a feeling of wholly alive. In the latest Assassin Creed game online you will find the fluid controls that enables you to run and jump over the rooftops in your city. You can run away from those bad guys and find some places to hide for a while or find the best spot to pull up a fight. What is good in playing assassic creed game online is the mixture ability between stealth feature, action and platforming game. The sound and graphic is great with fantastic features and even completed with beautiful music. Some says that this game will constantly surprise you with its small details everywhere.

play assassin creed game online adventure

There are only little to say about negative side of Assassin Creed game online. To some player, the Assassin Creed game online has brought a confusing ending. But I don’t think it is such really trouble to anyone.

play assassin creed online action game

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Popular Online Games

There are ways to maximize the chance to hit the big one in playing online casino slots. Though some people have doubts about this statement, it is possible to win and winning in online casino slots are better than land based casinos. Playing online is better for the reasons like you can play casino slots without leaving your home and you don’t have to put up with the crowds and traffic. There are various slot games in the internet that you can choose from. There are multi-line slots, progressive online slots, 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots and bonus online slots. These games give players online slot club cards which gives the chance to earn prizes and bonuses just for playing the game.


It is one the popular online games in the internet today. You do not need a great skill to win; it is a game of chance. You can play strategically to increase you chances of winning. There are slot machine tournaments where you can participate as one of the strategies to win. It is playing with fun, excitement and chances to win huge cash. Another is to play progressive with networks of online slot machines that are linked together. This is also a great strategy which you can use. There are percentages that are added to the jackpot. Playing online slot machines is fun, exciting and you have greater chances of winning

Halloween Games for Preschoolers

Zoe’s Halloween Game – This simple, cute game from Sesame Street allows kids to decorate a pumpkin, a witch or scarecrow with different items. It’s perfect for three- and four-year-olds, as Zoe will help provide positive encouragement and direction. Once each item and object is decorated, all the pieces will wiggle and move.

Free Online Halloween Games for Kids

Leave it to Sesame Street to provide a cute, wholesome online Halloween activity.

Trick or Treat with the Backyardigans – This is one of our four-year-old’s favorite games year-round. It lets kids use their creativity by dressing up the Backyardigans characters in Halloween costumes in various Halloween scenes. Kids can mix and match Halloween costumes on Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha, Tyrone and Austin after they place them in the scene. After playing, each scene can be printed out as well.

Free Halloween Games for Kids Online

It’s mix and match Halloween fun with the Backyardigans.

Wholesome Halloween Games For Elementary Schoolers

PBS Kids Halloween – Grade school aged kids will want to head over to the PBS Kids Halloween page for information on a lot of different games and activities featuring many of the characters from throughout the PBS Kids lineup. There’s coloring pages from Super Why, a card-maker from Maya & Miguel, and even detailed costume ideas from Zoom. But our favorite place to visit is the Cyberchase page, where there’s Halloween music, masks, games and more for kids.

Halloween Games for Free

Cyberchase provides so many different Halloween activities for kids – and parents.

Frankenbrain – This twist on the ball and shell game asks kids to find keep track of the Frankenstein head which the brain has been placed under. It’s quick, fun Halloween fun that requires attention to detail.

Online Halloween Games

Follow the brain – it’s just like the game at the ballpark, but with a Halloween twist.

Embracing the Gory and Scary Side of Halloween

Fashion Zombie – This is one of the first options that pops up in the Kidzui browser when you type in “Halloween.” It’s a little bit cartoony and a little bit gory, as kids must help feed brains and eyeballs to zombie workers as they work to assemble fashion model zombies. Although cartoony, there are exposed bones, spurting blood and general zombie humor that make this better suited for older kids.

Halloween Games Online

This game is cute, fun and funny, but it’s also a little bit on the gory side.

Goosebumps Monster Maker – This monster creation game lets kids pick different heads, bodies arms and legs from different monsters and place them on Halloween-themed backgrounds. The scary Halloween music adds to the overall spooky feeling. There’s nothing overtly scary about this game, but there’s nothing cute about it either. It’s tailor made for kids who are learning to embrace the scary side of the Halloween holiday.

Halloween Games for Kids

Goosebumps provides simple, basic, spooky Halloween fun.

Educational Halloween Games

Halloween Safety Game – Parents who are preparing their kids to go trick-or-treating alone may feel better after they play this online game created by Halloween Magazine. Kids are presented with a list of ground rules and tips, and then presented with a few questions to test their knowledge of safety. Always stay on your route, never listen to strangers and don’t eat candy until you get home. After answering questions on a fun quiz, kids are given a certificate of accomplishment.

Free Halloween Games

Have your kids play the Halloween Safety Game before they go trick-or-treating alone.

Pumpkin-o-Meter – We came across this game in the Kidzui browser, and feel compelled to mention it, although we’re not sure if it will engage kids for very long. In this game, kids feed pieces of candy to a hungry pumpkin, which tracks the amount of calories. The snarky pumpkin is sometimes humorous, but overall there’s not enough fun here to keep kids around long enough to learn the important message about not overdoing it on candy. Hopefully this can have more of an impact on your kids than it did on ours.

Free Halloween Games for Kids

This game has a good message, but may not be enough to engage your kids.

Does your family enjoy Halloween as much as ours does? What Halloween games online help put you and your kids in the spooky spirit? Tell us about it, we’d love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Google Charts Interactive Graphs

Pic of Google Gallery Graph

“Google Chart Tools” makes very nice interactive mouse-over graphs for web pages.

Click the link below to access it.

It is easiest to use the Gallery designs, and the HTML code can modified, and then cut and pasted into your website pages or Google Blogger directly. It should run the HTML and Javascript okay, and we get a really nice interactive graph that we can mouse over.

Pic of Google Gallery

Here is the HTML code for the example Pie Chart in the Google Gallery:

Example HTML Code

We want to modify the above chart to do results for our Car Colours in the Car Park Survey, which has this data:

Car Park Table

All we have to do is mouse select highlight copy the HTML code out of the Gallery, and paste it into a text editor such as Notepad, and edit it up like this:

Modified Code

Because we were not doing a full stand alone web page, we then further edited the above code to remove the HTML, body, and Head beginning and end Tags, before we put it into the bottom section of this blog post.

We then take this code and copy and paste it into a web page or Google Blogger post, and we will have our mouse over interactive graph.

Eg. Try mousing all over the graph below and observe what happens.

Note that we can only put one graph on a web page or Blog Post.

If we wanted more graphs on a blog post or page, we would probably need to build each one on its own separate page and then iframe onto each one.

Big Passy Wasabi.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Adobe CS 5

Pada Kesempatan ini. yang iseng saya menjelajah dunia maya, kepikiran buat nyari nyari yang namanya adobe photoshop.. tp saya butuh nya yg komplit sama serie yang lain nya ya sudah saya mencari dan akhirnya menemukan link download adobe cs5 full series , yang kemudia saya share buat tmen" smua, semoga bermafaat


Monday, March 5, 2012

Freeware transportation simulation game - Simutrans

In Simutrans you can build the transport networks you always dreamed of, with platforms, quays, level crossings, bridges, tunnels, signals and much more. Transport passengers between nearby cities with a commuter train or use a high speed train to earn big money by connecting cities further apart.

You can choose from a large amount of trains including steam, diesel and electric engines, along with multiple units - each with a different properties. Fleet of ships and ferries, buses, trams, trolley buses, trucks, and planes are at your daily disposal.

More exotic ways of transport include monorails and maglevs. Make your own bus system, transporting people throughout the city and lay out new bus routes to make cities grow. Watch your cities really come alive with trucks driving around carrying all kinds of goods. Supply the bookstore with new books and watch out, the Car Seller has almost run out of new cars! Be sure that the furniture factory has enough wood. Oops, the materials wholesaler has just sold his last planks, be quick to buy a new truck to strengthen out that route!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Online Integers Games

Nbr Balls Opening Pic

The above image is a screenshot from an exciting online Integers Game called "Number Balls".

This lesson contains plenty of online Integer games.

Use these games for practicing your skills with Integers.

For each game an image is shown that describes the game.

You can then click either this image, or the text link below the image, to play the game in a new browser window.

Many of these games are written in Adobe Flash and Java. Therefore they may not work on Apple devices.

Ordering Integers Number Balls

In this game we click the lowest Integer balls first, and keep clicking balls until they all are zapped.

We then progress to higher game levels that have more and more spinning balls for us to click on in the correct order.

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Nbr Balls Integers Ordering Game

Ordering Integers Hats Game

In this game we click and drag with the mouse to put the number hats onto people in lowest to highest number order.

We then click on the "check" button when we are finished, and can use the right arrow to get another question to do.

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Integer Hats Ordering Game

Ordering Integers Space Race

This is a Space Invaders type game where we have to shoot the lowest Integer enemy ship, as well as avoid touching the other two enemy ships.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and the space bar to shoot.

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Ordering Integers Space Race Game

Ordering Integers Train Game

In the following game, use the mouse to put the three red Integer numbers in order onto the carriages and the train engine.

The biggest number always goes onto the steam engine.

It is very important to place the numbers exactly in the middle of the carriages and engine like this:

Pic of placing nbrs on train

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Note that you will probably have to page down the screen a bit to get to the actual game.

Integers Order Train Game

Adding Integers Spider Match

This fun game helps us learn how to add Integers.

Click on a pair of numbered flies that add up to the required value in the center of the web and your spider should then eat them and give you a score.

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Spider Add Integers Game

Adding Integers Orbit Integers

This is a fun space race, where we have to answer Integer addition questions correctly to power our spaceship.

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Integers Orbit Game

Integer Warp Multiplying Game

This is a similar game to Orbit Integers, but has multiplying questions instead of addition.

We need to know our multiplying rules which are:

- x - = a Positive answer (Same Sign = Positive answer)


+ x - = a Negative answer (Different signs = Negative answer)

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

Integers Warp Multiplying Game

Minus Mission (The Slime Game)

This is not an Integers game, but is still fun, especially if we play it at the fast speed setting. It will certainly sharpen up your subtraction skills.

Click on the image below, or the text link which follows, to play this game.

General Subtraction Game

Inequalities True False Game

In this game we drag each statement with the mouse and place it in the top of screen True or False box.

The game keeps score of our answers, and will not let an incorrect answer be placed into the wrong box.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Inequalities True False Game

Add and Subtract Mystery Picture

In this game we find out what's behind the tiles, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Click on the button with the problem then click on the result on the left.

If we are correct, part of the picture is revealed.

Add Subtract Integers Puzzle Pic

Integer Operations Jeopardy Game

This game covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division sums.

You can play it alone or in teams.

To take our turn, we click on a points score box to get a question to do in the given category.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Int Ops Jeapordy Game

American Football Adding Integers Game

This fun game helps us learn how to add Integers.

A loss of years means a negative number, and a gain in yards means a positive number.

We click the mouse at the correct position on the number line to show the result of each world problem.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Gridiron Integers Adding Game

Line Jumper Adding and Subtracting Integers Game

In this game we are shown a number line.

We then click on the number line at the correct answer.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Add Subtract Line Jumper Game

Walk The Plank Adding and Subtracting Integers Game

In this game we have to move our mouse over each of the Pirates, and they will each say a different answer.

We then click on the Pirate answer which we believe is the correct one.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Walk the Plank Game

Subtracting Integers Car Racing Game

This game starts off with us using the left and right arrow keys to drive our car in a race, and then after a little while we have to stop and do an Integer Subtraction question.

If we get the question right, we get bonus items like a rocket booster pack to fly our car for a while, until the next question comes.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Subtracting Integers Car Race Game

Subtracting Integers Fish Game

In this fun game we have to click the letter that is the correct answer, before the fish swims to this correct answer.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Subtracting Integers Fish Game

Subtracting Integers Speed Test

This is more of an online speed test than a game.

However, it will certainly improve your Integer Subtraction skills.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Sub Integers Speed Test

Subtracting Integers Online Quiz

This online test will check how well we know our Integer Subtracting.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Sub Integers Online Quiz

Integer Operations Stick Figure Battle

This game has levels that can be chosen at the start of the game and covers Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division of Integers.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

All Ops Integer Fight Game

Multiplying and Dividing Integers Game

This is a kind of deal or no deal game quiz on multiplying and dividing integers.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Multiply and Divide Integers Game

Connect Four Game Using Integer Operations

At the start of this game we can choose what we want to include including addition, subtraction, multiplying, etc as well as the difficulty level.

Click the "Ready" button to get your question and start each move, and the "Answer" button to check each answer.

It is basically Connect Four against an opponent, and we need to get questions correct to drop our colored discs into the connect four.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Connect Four Integers Game

Moving Along Number Line Game

Move the helicopter to the same level as the pod to be able to shoot and destroy it.

It is a little bit tricky in that you click the sign button, then enter a number, then click Go.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Nbr Line Game

Hope you have fun improving your Integer Skills with this awesome collection of games.

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