Sunday, April 8, 2012

Halloween Games for Preschoolers

Zoe’s Halloween Game – This simple, cute game from Sesame Street allows kids to decorate a pumpkin, a witch or scarecrow with different items. It’s perfect for three- and four-year-olds, as Zoe will help provide positive encouragement and direction. Once each item and object is decorated, all the pieces will wiggle and move.

Free Online Halloween Games for Kids

Leave it to Sesame Street to provide a cute, wholesome online Halloween activity.

Trick or Treat with the Backyardigans – This is one of our four-year-old’s favorite games year-round. It lets kids use their creativity by dressing up the Backyardigans characters in Halloween costumes in various Halloween scenes. Kids can mix and match Halloween costumes on Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha, Tyrone and Austin after they place them in the scene. After playing, each scene can be printed out as well.

Free Halloween Games for Kids Online

It’s mix and match Halloween fun with the Backyardigans.

Wholesome Halloween Games For Elementary Schoolers

PBS Kids Halloween – Grade school aged kids will want to head over to the PBS Kids Halloween page for information on a lot of different games and activities featuring many of the characters from throughout the PBS Kids lineup. There’s coloring pages from Super Why, a card-maker from Maya & Miguel, and even detailed costume ideas from Zoom. But our favorite place to visit is the Cyberchase page, where there’s Halloween music, masks, games and more for kids.

Halloween Games for Free

Cyberchase provides so many different Halloween activities for kids – and parents.

Frankenbrain – This twist on the ball and shell game asks kids to find keep track of the Frankenstein head which the brain has been placed under. It’s quick, fun Halloween fun that requires attention to detail.

Online Halloween Games

Follow the brain – it’s just like the game at the ballpark, but with a Halloween twist.

Embracing the Gory and Scary Side of Halloween

Fashion Zombie – This is one of the first options that pops up in the Kidzui browser when you type in “Halloween.” It’s a little bit cartoony and a little bit gory, as kids must help feed brains and eyeballs to zombie workers as they work to assemble fashion model zombies. Although cartoony, there are exposed bones, spurting blood and general zombie humor that make this better suited for older kids.

Halloween Games Online

This game is cute, fun and funny, but it’s also a little bit on the gory side.

Goosebumps Monster Maker – This monster creation game lets kids pick different heads, bodies arms and legs from different monsters and place them on Halloween-themed backgrounds. The scary Halloween music adds to the overall spooky feeling. There’s nothing overtly scary about this game, but there’s nothing cute about it either. It’s tailor made for kids who are learning to embrace the scary side of the Halloween holiday.

Halloween Games for Kids

Goosebumps provides simple, basic, spooky Halloween fun.

Educational Halloween Games

Halloween Safety Game – Parents who are preparing their kids to go trick-or-treating alone may feel better after they play this online game created by Halloween Magazine. Kids are presented with a list of ground rules and tips, and then presented with a few questions to test their knowledge of safety. Always stay on your route, never listen to strangers and don’t eat candy until you get home. After answering questions on a fun quiz, kids are given a certificate of accomplishment.

Free Halloween Games

Have your kids play the Halloween Safety Game before they go trick-or-treating alone.

Pumpkin-o-Meter – We came across this game in the Kidzui browser, and feel compelled to mention it, although we’re not sure if it will engage kids for very long. In this game, kids feed pieces of candy to a hungry pumpkin, which tracks the amount of calories. The snarky pumpkin is sometimes humorous, but overall there’s not enough fun here to keep kids around long enough to learn the important message about not overdoing it on candy. Hopefully this can have more of an impact on your kids than it did on ours.

Free Halloween Games for Kids

This game has a good message, but may not be enough to engage your kids.

Does your family enjoy Halloween as much as ours does? What Halloween games online help put you and your kids in the spooky spirit? Tell us about it, we’d love to hear from you.

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