Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids Stuff Friday Funny

Bored Kids watching TV
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Kids watch a lot of TV, Cartoons, Movies, and Video Games.

This week's Friday Funny has been inspired by these hilarious guys on YouTube called "Smosh", who have a whole series of videos all about what if thins we look at on the LCD screen were real.

First up let's have a look at Cartoons.

random stupid cartoon
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But what if cartoons were real, and Pooh Bear actually was the product of what he ate.

Fat Pooh Bear
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Here is Smosh's take on "If Cartoons Were Real".

Many cartoons have Superheroes in them, and there are many cartoons we would like to see with more Superheroes in them!

anime justice league
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But are Superheroes sending the right message to kids?

The Smosh team investigates in this insightful video.

Kids also play a lot of Video Games.

Ever tried to talk to someone who's playing a game?

rabbit playing video game
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And aren't video games just getting more realistic all the time.

silly walks runner
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If you don't know what silly walks are then have a quick look at this classic Monty Python clip.

But what if all video games were real ?

One more for the silly walks fans.

silly walks game
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The other great passtime involving staring at the big rectangular screen is watching Movies.

mexican pimped bumblebee
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Movies like Transformers offer great fantasy escapism.

But what if things were different, and Movies were real.

That's it for another week, I gotta get back to the real world and check what the kids are doing.

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