Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Passy's World of Mathematics

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Hi everyone. We have a brand new Blog, all about Mathematics, and it is in WordPress!

We decided that we would take some of the maths posts from this Blogger blog, and copy them into their own separate blog.

So why is the new blog in WordPress ?

Well here are the reasons:
  • We have always wanted to try out WordPress, and "see how the other half lives".
  • sites are now totally blocked in a lot of schools, (because some Blogger sites contain pronography). Apparently WordPress is not blocked.
  • We wanted a simple clean "book" type layout and look for the blog
  • We wanted a Blog without any Friday Funnies in it, because some teachers don't like students looking at them
  • We wanted a blog which only has mathematics resources on it
  • We wanted a companion website for the mathematics ebook we are currently writing
  • WordPress is free, just like Blogger
  • WordPress is easy to use, just like Blogger
  • We wanted to learn WordPress anyway.

You can read the "About" page for our new Mathematics blog here:

To check out the new WordPress blog: "Passys's World of Mathematics",
simply click the link below:

Don't worry, we will still be keeping Passy's World of ICT and the Friday Funny going. But we are also very busy writing our first ebook, and so there might not be so many posts in the next few weeks.

Big Passy Wasabi

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