Sunday, December 6, 2009

Words About Word 2007

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Here at Passy World we have finally upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007.
The reason we had to wait so long was because we still had clients on 2003,
but at last it seems we are all on the same release.

The install went super smoothly, and the new Office 2007 apps, had all of our Dafont fonts in them, as well as full interfacing with our CS3 version of Adobe Acrobat. The only problem we had was that our Creative Sound Card had horrible "hissy" output and had to be reset to default, and then reconfigured manually.

Microsoft Word is fabulous, but there are some familiar 2003 tasks, that we found difficult to figure out how to do in Word 2007. In particular, page footers with "Page X of Y" on them were not easily figured out.

However the Microsoft Online Help resources on the web are excellent, and so far we have been able to find answers to all of our questions.

Here is a Slideshare slideshow we made about our introductory Word 2007 experience. Click on the bottom row "full" icon to go fullscreen, and when finished press the Escape key to return to this Blog.

Click here to open or download the above slideshow as a 3MB Powerpoint 2007 that gives a quick introduction to Word 2007.

View the above "WORD 2007" Presentation as a PPT

The following PDF is the definitive Guide for Word 2007.

It has lots of useful links in it to help anyone become proficient with the new Word.

If you would like to have your own full size copy of this PDF, then simply click the save disk icon button on the PDF viewer, and you should be able to save it to your own hard disk.

Alternatively, you can view or save the full size PDF by clicking the link below:

Just a quick word about PowerPoint 2007:

Open Office.Org did not like opening Powerpoint 2007 presentations, (all loaded up as a mess), so we downloaded the latest version of Open Office 3.1.1. This worked a bit better, but still all of the screen print picture croppings, font sizes, gradients, etc were all lost.

HOWEVER, if we use PowerPoint 2007 to save our presentation in 2003 format, then Open opens it up and copes with it really well.

This means that PowerPoint 2007 presentations can be saved to 2003 format, and then loaded in Open Office, saved as ODF format, and then exported into .SWF files using Open Office. (But only if we do NOT have cropped pictures in the original PowerPoint. If we do have cropped pictures, they all uncrop and make a big mess when exported to SWF format using Open Office).

If it is ok in format, we can then use the .SWF version on web pages, like we used to do with Powerpoint 2003 presentations. If it is not ok in the SWF, then simply join up for free with and upload your PowerPoint like we did for this blog post.

So that's enough words about Word 2007 from me. Once you have found your way around Word 2007, Powerpoint 2007 and Excel 2007 should be quite easy to transition into.

Big Passy Wasabi

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