Saturday, August 8, 2009

World's Number One Radio

Click on the 128K windows media symbol to listen to any of the online radio stations on the above menu. But if you want to open the 1.FM website full size in a new window, then click on the 1.FM logo below.

1FM Logo Link

1.FM at is in my opinion the world's best internet radio station. As shown below, there is a wonderfully diverse range of radio stations in the 1.FM family.

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as well as these stations:
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Listening is available in streamed Windows Media Player 128K format, and others, as shown above. WMP 128K gives great quality sound when put through some decent PC speakers like Creative T-20's or T40's. There is also mobile phone access, as described in the "Mobile" section of the site.

Here is a quick review of some of the stations available.

Otto's Baroque Classical Music
This station has wonderful violin and chamber orchestra music, as shown in the screen capture below.

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Bay Smooth Jazz

Great laid back Jazz Fusion music.
Pleasant for background music while working away
on other things.

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Power Rock
As the name suggests modern heavy guitar music, for lifting your energy levels in an active kind of way.

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There are plenty of stations for all tastes and musical genres.

1.FM's main role is to broadcast a full range of music styles.
However, their website also has a photo gallery, as well as a nice Videos section which has good comedy videos.

Take some time out to explore 1.FM and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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