Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Foreign Language Translator

Down at the very bottom of the right hand side bar of this blog, you will notice a language translator menu like this:

Clicking any of the buttons will open up a new window containing the Blog translated into that foreign language. This add-on is made by Google, and it is amazing that they do not include it in the standard Blogger gadgets, (or maybe they do, and I couldn't find it ?) .

I obtained the Gadget from this link:
and it is the second widget that is on the list of thirty great items that can be added to any Google Blogger Blog.

If you want to add this same translator to your own blog:

- First make sure that you are logged into your Blog in another tab or window
- Click to go to the above link, and then click on item 2.
- This will take you to another page that has a "one click" installation.
- I found it hard to reposition my translator down the Blogger gadgets list, and so I just did "Save", and went back to my Blog by clicking "View Blog".
- I then moved the translator gadget from the top of my blog to the bottom by using the normal "customize", followed by "Page Elements", options available in Blogger.

I tried out translating my own Blog to French (which I know how to read), and the results were outstanding. I remember reading a couple of years ago that the folks at Google were working on language translators, and looks like they have really come up with the goods !

(The look of Japanese characters all over a Blog is also quite amazing !).

This tool would be great for Language teachers. Two students seated next to each other could write a short Blog post in English, and then each press the translate button to put the post into "German". They could then swap seats and try to read each other's blog post in German, and see if they can understand it or not.

Note that there is also a general Google Language Translator page at:

On this page you can type or paste in some text in English, (or whatever language you like), and then translate it to a different language of your choice. Again, really amazing and simple to use technology.

May I suggest going to the following Blog to do some quick “e-travel”, and see some beautiful pictures of the French countryside:
Take the text from this French Blog, use to translate the French to English, and really begin to see the big picture !

Language Translation : Fantastic and Free.

So now lots of people in lots of places can easily read our Blog.

Enjoy (or is that "Jouir" ? ) ,
Big Passy Wasabi

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