Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Online Card Games For The Card lovers

Card Games
A card game is played among players using a deck of cards where the cards are of equal dimensions and colors. The cards in the deck are identified by all the players of a game. Each game is associated with some rules which govern the game. Any incompliance with the rule is termed as rule infraction.

History of card games goes back to some 600 years. The deck consists of some 52 cards in Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs which are four French suits and each runs up to 13 ranks (deuce to ten &jack, queen, king and ace).The distribution of cards is termed as a deal. Shuffling is done to put the pack of cards in a random order which is followed up with deal.

There are many types of card games like,

Trick taking games -wherein each player plays a card based on a value or its score. Bridge, Spades, Hearts, Oh Hell and Tarot card games are some examples.

Matching games involves the grouping of cards in a particular way before the other player in the game can do so, for e.g. Rummy.

Comparing games involve comparison of hand values to determine the winner of a game. Most of these games are purely luck based and are meant for gambling purposes. Blackjack, Poker and Casino are really common comparing games.

However, as people are becoming increasingly busy nowadays and lacking time to socialize and group together to play cards, online card games are becoming increasingly popular as well.

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