Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Addicting Super Mario Games

The world of internet has changed the entire world on online games. With the help of this, the well known “Super Mario” games have been transformed to a lot of versions which you might not have heard till now. But playing such games are complete fun and thrill. Some of the games which have been transferred are as follows:
Super Mario Games
Mario Overrun: This is a very different version as compared to the other Mario Games. In this game, you have tear down the duppas which attracts the castle. You can use numerous superb weapons in order to attain your goal. You get shot guns, plasma guns, bombs and the uzzy in order to save the castle from enemies.

Super Flash Mario: This is yet another superb game amid the Super Mario circle. This game uses the technology of flash which gives it a very original look or version. In fact, a lot of people consider it to be the best version which is available on the internet in the present day.

Some other new versions of the Super Mario games include spug shock, rampage, infinite Mario, star catcher and the sunshine 64. You would love to play all these new versions of Super Mario games if you have not played these games before but playing these new versions of games includes a lot of time for you to spare.

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