Thursday, December 18, 2008

Heli Attack 3

The heli attack 3 is the pergola survival shooter game which is very similar to the previous game of heli attack 2. Heli attack 2 was considered as the best playoff in the year 2003. So, the new version of this game surely promises to offer superb graphic game to the players. Apart from altering the core of the game play, the team of the game producers or designers has added a lot of movements like crouching and climbing. The heli attack 3 game has introduced a complete set of new weapons that are used while playing. These weapons make this game more interesting and a complete entertainment package.
Heli Attack

The level series has also been added to the new version for an alteration of the scenery and increase the difficulty of the enemies. A really cool gun has also been added to the game in order to reward the hardcore gamers who pass all the difficult stages of the games and make through to the final level of the game. In the recent time, the heli attack 3 game has attained a lot of recognition amid all age groups. The people who love to play a challenging computer game opt to play this game. This game is very adventurous and complete fun to play.

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